Bek-Konsult Ltd. was founded in 1994 and has been engaged in heat supplying since then.

Bek-Konsult Ltd. is a Latvian engineering company operating in the following fields:

  • working out feasibility studies for renovating the systems of district heat supply – replacing heating mains by pre-insulated pipes, modernisation of heat substation centres, raising the efficiency of district heating systems;

  • designing heating mains and heat substation centres in AutoCad environment, boiler houses, ventilation, heating, water supply, sewerage;

  • assembling and construction – heating mains, heat substation centres, district heating systems, heating, water supply, sewerage;

  • works out feasibility studies and seeks credit opportunities in construction of combined heat and power stations (the first station with a power of 2 MW in Jaunmârupe was launched in April 2001);

  • seeks and offers credit opportunities for big projects.


The enterprise during its operation has done a great work putting in order the centralised heat supply systems in the towns and villages (small rural districts) of Latvia.

 Aizkraukles iela 21
 Riga, LV-1006, LATVIA
 Phone: +371 7540697
 Fax: +371 7558788

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