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The leading specialists of Bek-Konsult Ltd. have been working in the field of heat supplying for over 20 years.
Managing director: Ivars Bekmanis
in 1975 graduated from Riga Polytechnic Institute (RTU), the chair of Industrial Heat Energetics of the faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering – acquiring the diploma of thermal energy engineer;
1980 – 1990 worked as a lecturer, later on as associate professor at the chair of Thermal Energy of RTU.
Since 1992 – a doctor of engineering (Dr. sc. ing.).
During 1990 – 1994 was the leading research associate at the Institute of Physical Energetics of the Academy of Sciences of Latvia, and studied opportunities for the development of power industry (thermal energy and combined heat and power production) in Latvia; member of International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE).
From October 1994 – the director of Bek-Konsult Ltd.
In 1997 – 2001 was a member of the Board of Directors of Latvian district heating association.
Project manager: Aija Karlevica
in 1977 graduated from Riga Polytechnic Institute (RTU), the faculty of Building and Civil Engineering. An engineer with a diploma in the speciality of heat, gas supply and ventilation.
From 1977 worked at the designing institute Komunâlprojekts as an engineer designing heat supply. She worked for Bek-Konsult Ltd. on a part-time basis from 1996, and has been doing full workload since April 1998. She develops design of heat substation centres of Danish Soft Loan project for tens of projects and feasibility studies.
In January 1998 she perfected her knowledge at about design of district pipelines at L¸gst¸r R¸r.
Sales manager:  Arnis Kalnups
In 1995 graduated from RTU the faculty of Building and Civil Engineering. An engineer with a diploma in the speciality of heat, gas supply and ventilation.
 From 1997 worked with sales and delivery of ABB preinsulated pipe systems.
 After merger of ALSTOM Power FlowSystems and Logstor Ror, LOGSTOR was established and since
2005 Arnis has joined Bek-Konsult collective that at the moment is offering most progressive solutions in preinsulated pipe line market.
Sales manager:  Ieva Barisa
In 1994 graduated from LU, the Faculty of Economics, acquiring a bachelors degree in the speciality of finances and credit.
Since 2001 has been working for Bek-Konsult - makes offers of materials for heating mains and heat substation centres for the clients, places orders to manufacturers, coordinates deliveries, works out economic assessment of feasibility studies.

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