Direction of action

Bek-Konsult Ltd. is a Latvian enterprise operating in the field of heat supply. Our objective is to put in order and modernise the systems of heat supply in Latvia, combining our knowledge about the existing system with the experience of Scandinavian countries in introducing modern technologies of heat supply. It is not an end in itself, it is a necessity for raising the level of welfare in Latvia. Engineers with diplomas, thermal power specialists with great practical experience, work for our company. We represent several Danish companies, which are the leaders in their branch it guarantees modern technology and high level of safety.

The company Bek-Konsult derives its strength from one more fact almost all the employees of the company have the higher education in thermal engineering, as well as great experience of practical work. It is essential when working in the field of heat supply because it enables us to find the best solution in each case, to combine modern technologies with the local specific conditions. Bek-Konsult develops and carries out such projects as a result of which the customer would not go bankrupt but get the most suitable and the safest system of heat supply. If the heat supply is properly arranged, it is a good and stable business.

  • The objective of Bek-Konsult Ltd. is to supply only high quality products and render scientific and technical services meeting the highest requirements.
    Observations show that bad mistakes can be possibly made when modern technologies are directly transferred to Latvia without considering the peculiarities of the local systems.
  • Our strength lies in co-operation with the customer. It is only by joint finding out the peculiarities of the existing systems, the most suitable kind of modernisation and sequence of measures can be precisely detected.
  • Every measure must be economically grounded, one must consider putting district heating systems in order, replacement of networks, construction of heat substation centres and insulation of houses. The period of their repayment must be fixed, and measures requiring the shortest period of repayment must go first. Ignoring heat efficiency of power of pre-insulated pipes during the process of their selection is a bad mistake for which the consumer will pay for at least 30 years.
  • Heat supply systems must serve 20 30 years, therefore when making careful choice not only prices, but also experience in production, conformity of quality certificates to the world standards must be compared. Equipment manufacturers must be asked to produce ISO 9001 certificate, which guarantees high quality production and products.

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